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7 ways to destress after a long work week

Updated: May 15, 2022

After a long work week it is common to want to wind down and enjoy the weekend. Here are some healthy ways to relieve your stress after a long work week:

  1. Have some quiet time-you can meditate or self reflect in peace and quiet

  2. Aromatherapy is a great self soothing technique to ease the tension from your day. Some examples of aromatherapy would be incense, oil diffusers, vaporizers, and scented candles.

  3. Exercise is also a great way to destress some examples would be going for a walk, doing a workout at the gym, and practicing yoga.

  4. Journaling your accomplishments or things to be worked on which Netesha Jones calls the roses and thorns of your day.

  5. Watching a good movie

  6. Enjoying some time with family and/or friends

  7. Disconnecting from social media and reading a good book

This is not an exhaustive list you may discover as you intentional set out to decompress from the week that other things come to mind as well. If you need help in this area please reach out to our practice.

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