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Dr. Angel Windham, DSW, LCSW, CCS

A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

Dr. Angel Windham is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Supervisor. Dr. Windham prefers for her clients to refer to her as Dr. Angel due to her mostly working with children, adolescents and young adults. Dr. Angel does have experience working with clients of all ages and has worked over the past 15 plus years in various treatment settings. Dr. Angel is trained to meet her clients where they are and help them to achieve their goals and get unstuck. Dr. Angel has various resources in her toolkit and frequently uses play therapy techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy and relies on the strength-based theory to point out to clients just how resilient they are. Dr. Angel is a wife and mother of two sons. Dr. Angel is a believer in Jesus Christ and works with her clients to incorporate prayer and daily Bible reading as ways to cope. Dr. Angel does meet with clients who are not of the Christian faith as well who are dealing with grief, depression and anxiety. Lastly, Dr. Angel earned her Bachelors of Arts degree from Lincoln University in PA, her Masters in Social Work from Kean University and her DSW from Capella University. Dr. Angel is motivated to work with you and her personal motto is “Today I take action.”

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Netesha Jones, LSW

Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Change.

Netesha is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) who has 15 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. She obtained her Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Kean University, followed by a Master of Social Work Degree from Rutgers University.

Throughout the years, Netesha has provided services to children who have suffered from behavioral disabilities, conduct disorders, bullying, grief, loss, anger management, child abuse and neglect, anxiety, addiction, and substance abuse.

She is a faithful follower of Christ who is committed to using God’s gifts and anointing, along with her clinical knowledge, skills, and experiences towards advancing the lives of children, individuals, and families. Netesha takes great joy and pleasure in watching people grow and progress beyond their life challenges and stressors.


Lee Fowler, LSW

Experience You Can Count On

I am a Licensed Social Worker in the State of New Jersey. I have 20 years of experience working with women children and families seeking support for depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, coping with life transitions, parenting concerns, relationship issues, women issues and self-esteem. I have a Bachelor of social work degree from Kean University and a master’s in social work from Rutgers University and along with a specialized certification in Violence Against Women from Rutgers University.

My theoretical perspective incorporates an eclectic approach in providing psychotherapy to individuals, teens and families that includes Solution Focused Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, psychodynamic, and Christian counseling when appropriate. I specialize in working with women who are going through life changing events, specifically in the areas of trauma, domestic violence, and sexual assault. As a therapist , I work diligently to see the client as doing the best he/she can.  My hope as I work with individuals is to promote empowerment, support and encouragement, to be a part of the process of discovering that they are capable with trusting themselves  to become a fully functioning person who has ideal emotional health.

Lastly, my faith plays a big part in my approach, my Christian principles helps me to be hopeful as clients share devastating life experiences, struggle with their own feeling of hopelessness and being overwhelmed with life’s circumstances. My faith keeps me grounded to support my clients with their issues and operate in the here and now, however, my relationship with God contributes to my strength, patience and grace while assisting my clients on their journey to healing and becoming whole.

My daily reflections

I walk in my purpose of promoting Hope and Integrity with the spirit of Excellence
I admire people who chose to shine even after all the storms they’ve been through.
Do not give up even in the face of adversity.
You are not defined by your circumstances.
Do not be afraid to ask and receive help.
Do the things that you are afraid to do.

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